Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stupid hackers

Very recently a website that I own had a really good and relevant link added naturally by another website mine was a football blog and theirs was a football blog which made sense. Anyway I noticed i was getting some really odd links all of a sudden form this website and it turned out that some blackhat freak of a seo had hacked there site... they were creating thousands of spam pill hidden pages and then backlinking them with tons other hacked sites as well.

I am going to disavow the domain for the time being of that sports website but I managed to get in touch with them and they were very thankful for letting them know and will be cleaning up there website. :)

According to ahrefs they received a gigantic spike in link on November so i am assuming that si when the website go hacked.... which sint that long ago but in that time it looks as though it really hit there website.

Why is seo so difficult?

Why is seo so hard. It seem the answer to this lies with the fact that the internet is so huge but the number of niches is so small meaning there is just a lot of competition all fighting for one place or at least 10 places available on the first page of google this means that there is a lot fo people writing and creating content for virtually all niches and search terms now to get the piece of the internet pie this is why seo is so hard. Also big company with millions of links which dont even need to bother with seo will obtain hundreds or even thousands of links each day just for half heartily writing a rubbish article which may or may not eb good which then will instantly rank in the search engines fueling more traffic and more links to them... It really is crazy so seo isn't hard... if your not a unheard of small website that is.

Created a seo buisness soon

I am a webmaster, designer and seo person who lives in Sheffield I dont really make that much money at all and I am really struggling at the moment. That is why i really hate capitalism lol! Anyway my plans are to set up a really good seo company in the near future which will also focus on building websites and designs from scratch. I have already teamed up with a  really good php programmer who has created their own social network before as I am the most creative I will be the one doing most of the design work and because I know most about seo i will also be doing much of that too... Hoepfully in the near future we will be making some money at least!

Be sure to not get hacked!

Recently I came across a website that wa slinking to one of my website in there blogroll however for some reason the site was hacked I presume because of a bad plugin or theme as they were using wordpress and there are hundreds of bad plugins and theme for wordpress that are free but will hack your website anyway... I thought I should investigate after all I was getting hundreds of these hidden spammy pill pages now pointing to my website... so from a legit blogroll link that was relevant and was all of a sudden getting hundreds of spammy pill links because I was in the blogrolll. Anyway I used whois and contacted the webmaster of the website to tell them about their site being hacked. THe webmaster was very thank ful about me telling them as they had no idea so hopefully now they will get rid of all of those spammy pages and I get back a good blogroll link from a relevant site. Being hacked can cause hundreds of hidden pages to be created and then even more spammy links pointing to them which sia sure fire way of getting penalized by the search engines.. quite ironic that the hacker try to do seo from this.. but then again these black hat morons use this technique to create hundreds of churn and burn website and it really doesn't matter to them if they get penalized or not because they can quickly put another churn and burn website in there place you see! I know anyway That i will be extremely careful uploading anything onto my website from now on as I really dont want to be the one being hacked.... This is a useful quick guide if you think your site has been hacked. If you website is hacked be sure to fix it as soon as possible and fresh install whatever content management system you are using so it doesn't come back.. that my advise. Oh yeah and another thing is that if the hidden spam pages have 404 the spam links pointing to them shouldn't hurt your sites rankings either.. because of the 404's well that is what google says anyway.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Hello and hi!

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! I haven't decided what i will be blogging about yet! Hopefully when i do decide I will fill this blog full of my opinions and thoughts to dont go anywhere Il gett blogging right now!